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The ultimate MC cartridge with Titanium and Boron Technology
TDC01 Ti

TDC01 Ti is the supreme MC cartridge based on the original TechDAS TDC01 cartridge. Employing the Titanium technology for the unique egg-shaped housing and the cartridge support base section and Boron for cantilever, realize the energetic analog sound in the absolutely quiet, perfectly transparent soundstage.

Major features

- Employs a housing and support base of titanium with special processed hard surface treatment.
- Cantilever made of super high strength and light weight Boron.
- Employs a unique magnetic circuit that enables a high output voltage (0.45mV) with low internal resistance (1.4ohm)
- Semi-line contact stylus tip minimizes any tracing distortion.
- A range of accessories are attached to maximize the superb performance of the cartridge.


・Type: Moving Coil (MC)
・Frequency response: 10 - 50,000 Hz
・Output voltage: 0.45mV (1kHz)
・Internal impedance: 1.4 ohm
・Recommended load impedance: 100 - 200 ohm
・Tracking force recommended: 2.0 - 2.3g
・ Cartridge weight: 17g
・Cantilever: Pure Boron
・Stylus tip: semi-line contact (3μm x 30μm)
・Housing: Titanium with special processed hard surface treatment
・Housing base: Titanium with special processed hard surface treatment + damping treatment
・Channel balance: 0.5dB (1kHz)
・Channel separation: over 30dB (1kHz)

Accessories attached

8N lead wires
non-magnetic tweezers
titanium screws for mounting
non-magnetic screw driver
digital stylus force gauge