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TechDAS Insulation Base
Spike base by TechDAS's exclusive metal technology

TechDAS Insulation Base removing and isolating vibration quickly.
Drastically improves S/N and enables very sharp focused sound.
Improves setup stability and significantly reduces any effects the floor may have on sound quality.

Through the development of our reference analog turntable, Air Force One, TechDAS has accumulated a considerable amount of know-how on metal material involved, including; the correlation between physical metallurgy and sound, changes in sound quality caused by the combination of dissimilar metal.
TechDAS Insulation Base is an excellent spike base that has been developed by fully drawing on our accumulated knowledge of metallurgy. It quickly releases any minute vibrations that are emitted from audio equipment, keeps out any vibration from the floor, and insulates the audio apparatus inform these external vibrations. As a result, it tremendously improves the S/N and you can actually feel the changes in sound quality such as a sharper and focused sound.
TechDAS Insulation Base is made of an aviation grade metal material (A7075), super duralumin. It is anodized after being machined and polished, then given a DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating on the surface. DLC is a method of producing a hard carbon thin film with the same intensity as diamond on the surface. The TechDAS Insulation Base has achieved an outstanding degree of vibration diffusibility, something which has been attained through the combination of super duralumin (A7075) with overwhelming strength and a DLC coating with even better intensity.


Dimensions: Diameter: 59mm, Height: 13.5 mm
Weight: 85g
Material: Super duralumin (A7075)
Surface Finish: Non-electrolytic nickel plating coupled with DLC coating